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Update: YouTube Still Down in China

Well, we’re currently on Day 24 of the Great Firewall blockage of YouTube. You can imagine my angst; or maybe you can’t. But I can tell you that it’s considerable.


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YouTube Still Blocked in China

no-youtube1I’m becoming increasingly frustrated that YouTube is still blocked here in China. It’s been ten days since I was able to access the site, and it’s cutting into not only my lesson planning but my blogging as well. Evidently the site is being blocked for showing a video of police beating to death a Tibetan protester. The powers that be in Beijing have declared the video fake, which begs the question: if it’s fake, why block the entire site? The WSJ has an update on the blockage:

An enduring mystery is why the entire site has been blocked, instead of links to a few specific videos. China has demonstrated the ability in the past to block access to specific addresses or keywords on YouTube and other foreign media sites. Access to all of YouTube has been restricted before, including October 2007 and March 2008, during a period of unrest in Tibet.

I’m keeping my finger crossed that I’ll be able to access the site soon.

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Free University Lecture Sites

Lifehacker reports that YouTube has just launched a new sub-site called YouTube EDU. Evidently they have links to lectures from many of the US’s top universities.  They’re also pointing to another free lecture site called Academic EarthGreat info for those of us looking to better ourselves…for free!

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