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Top eLearning Tools

Jane Hart at Jane’s E-Learning Tip of the Day lists her compilation below of the top 10 e-tools for learners and top 10 e-tools for professionals (hat tip: David Hopkins at eLearning Blog//Don’t Waste Your Time).

Top 10 Tools for Learners

The current Top 10 list of tools for learners, based on contribution of 47 Learners AS AT 4 APRIL is:

  1. Google Search
  2. YouTube
  3. Firefox
  4. Twitter
  5. Delicious
  6. Facebook
    Google Reader

Top 10 Tools for Learning Professionals

The current top 10 tools for learning professionals to use in their own professional practice for creating learning “solutions” for others and their own productivity is AS AT 4 APRIL as follows, based on the contributions of 21 learning professionals

  1. Delicious
  2. Twitter
  3. Skype
  4. Slideshare
  5. Google Reader
  6. Google Docs
  7. Audacity
    Google Search

I’m currently using almost all of these tools, and I’m slowly introducing more of them to my students. Many of the tools have had a profound impact on the way I teach and keep up to date in education, and on the way my students learn and produce. 

I might also add Digg to the list as I use it often to find top articles on topics of interest.


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Oh, no! My Internet’s Down!

Kevin Purdy at Lifehacker gives some sage advice on what to do when–insert prayer of your choice here–the internet is down. Among his suggestions are:

  1. Take a look at your lengthy to-do list.
  2. Organize pc files and folders.
  3. Do some old-fashioned work.
  4. Use your mobile unit.
  5. Clean out your workspace.

As resourceful educators, it’s not hard to find things to do offline:

  • Talk with a colleague.
  • Work on lesson plans/units of inquiry.
  • Mark assignments/assessments.
  • Call some parents.
  • Read one of those things used at one time in the classroom–a book.
  • Teach!

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Assess Yo’self

rhan1079l3Interesting self-assessment here which attempts to identify how good we are at specific problem solving in the workplace. Produced by VitalSmarts.

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E-Flashcard Generation

Charles Sipe of
School Tools Blog introduces some absolutely incredible sites for making flashcards online. These can obviously be used for a myriad of educational purposes.  One example:


Unlike Cramberry, Quizlet allows you to search and find flash card sets created by other users. A nice feature of this site is that it allows you to play games with the flash card sets. In “Space Race” you have to type in the corresponding definition or answer before the term crosses the screen. If you miss, the game prompts you to type in the answer to reinforce the correct response.

Pros: There are tons of pre-made flash card sets on a wide range of subjects. The games make studying fun.

Cons: The games don’t really work with long definitions

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