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The Principal’s Rules

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter name “Retired Principal” at this site. Herewith THE PRINCIPAL’S RULES:

1. The principal always makes the rules.

2. Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

3. No teacher can possibly know all the rules.

4. If the principal suspects that a teacher knows all the rules, the principal must immediately change some or all of the rules.

5. The principal is never wrong.

6. Principals can change their minds at any given time.

7. Teachers can never change their minds without expressed written consent of the principal.

8. The principal has every right to be angry or upset.

9. If the principal is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding which is a direct result of something that a teacher did or said.

10. If number 9 applies to a teacher, the teacher must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.

11. The teacher must remain calm at all times, unless the principal wants the teacher to be angry or upset.

12. The principal must, under no circumstances, allow a teacher to know whether or not they want them to be angry or upset.

13. Any parent has a right to say anything negative about any teacher at any time and get away with it; even if the parent is drunk, drugged out, or armed.

14. Any student can say anything negative about teachers at any time and get away with it, as long as they don’t say anything bad about the principal or the school; especially if the student is drunk, violent, drugged out, organizing for a street gang, or armed.

15. The students and parents who deserve the most respect are those who are the loudest and most disrespectful towards teachers.

16. Outside experts who have never been in the school know more about the school than the teachers who have been there for years.

17. Principals must always bow to those in higher authority (AIO, CEO) so they can build up their resentment energies to step hard on those below them (teachers, ESP’s).

18. Teachers should be seen working hard, but not heard. A quiet teacher, like a quiet classroom, is the best indication of superior performance.

JUST KIDDING! (I don’t need any hate mail from my teaching buddies out there.)


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Merit-Based Pay for Teachers, and Charter Schools

The jury is still out on how effective President Obama will be, but this article from Thomas at Open Education gives me a bit of hope–at least in regards to education.

While some wanted to parse the president’s words regarding student performance, the tie to student achievement was not one of those areas he was willing to give in on. In clear, distinct support that student performance would be a factor in the merit pay concept, Education Secretary Arne Duncan told The Associated Press:

“What you want to do is really identify the best and brightest by a range of metrics, including student achievement.”

And here the President presses the charter school philosophy:

In direct opposition to those who want to see limits on the number of charter schools, Obama was unrelenting. Stating that many of the innovations in education today are taking place in charter schools, Obama insisted that placing limits on the number of such schools is not “good for our children, our economy or our country.”

Stay tuned to see if the president means what he says.

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