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Merit-Based Pay for Teachers, and Charter Schools

The jury is still out on how effective President Obama will be, but this article from Thomas at Open Education gives me a bit of hope–at least in regards to education.

While some wanted to parse the president’s words regarding student performance, the tie to student achievement was not one of those areas he was willing to give in on. In clear, distinct support that student performance would be a factor in the merit pay concept, Education Secretary Arne Duncan told The Associated Press:

“What you want to do is really identify the best and brightest by a range of metrics, including student achievement.”

And here the President presses the charter school philosophy:

In direct opposition to those who want to see limits on the number of charter schools, Obama was unrelenting. Stating that many of the innovations in education today are taking place in charter schools, Obama insisted that placing limits on the number of such schools is not “good for our children, our economy or our country.”

Stay tuned to see if the president means what he says.


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