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Doing Things My Way

One important thing I’ve learned as a principal is that there is no one way to do things. If I’m filling out my school improvement plan or writing curriculum, do I use an Excel spreadsheet, an MS Word table, a penciled-in form, or what? In my mind, use whatever you’re most comfortable with, and, for me, simplicity is king.

When I first became a principal, in writing my SIP, I used an Excel sheet from a British colleague. It used terminology I was unfamiliar with, and I was constantly struggling to adapt myself to the form rather than vice-versa. Now, I’m using what makes the most sense to me. If my superintendent wants information presented in his form, then I simply transfer things over from my form. The important thing is that I’m doing what makes the most sense to me and what is easily accessible to my teachers and parents.
You don’t want to use this, however.
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