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Facing Our Fears

denialOne of the hard lessons I had to learn as an inexperienced administrator was that I could not be paralyzed by fear in hearing bad news, nor should I avoid bearers of it. Some of us have the tendency to put our heads in the sand or work behind the scenes to correct bad news without facing those who may have negative opinions. This tactic doesn’t work. As this entry from Franklin-Covey points out, the bad news remains whether one acknowledges it or not so it is better to meet it head on, let folks know you understand their concerns, and work like a demon to correct the impression. From the blog post:

 We all can take advantage of the current economic uncertainty by contacting our most important stakeholders and looking for opportunities to grow our trust account with them. Many people are frozen and afraid to call their customers and other key stakeholders for fear of hearing bad news.  Guess what? The bad news is there whether or not you hear it. Much better to confront reality and give your customer a listening outlet to discuss challenges and feel understood than to abandon the relationship during difficult times. Now is the time to over-communicate with your customers and other key stakeholders. Give them someone they can trust by behaving in ways that inspire trust. 

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April 20, 2009 - Posted by | principal

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