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CV Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Do you rely on resumes or cv’s to vet candidates as part of your hiring practices?  Bert of Open Loops doesn’t; and he’s got good reasons for not doing so. Great advice for supervisors and HR departments.

As someone who interviews, checks references and makes hiring recommendations, I seriously have begun to ask myself why people bother to send resumes.  Years ago, before the Internet, advanced HR departments and a surplus of workers (You have seen the recent unemployment figures, right?), resumes may have been the best way to determine if an applicant is right for the job, but no more.  Further, any  manager, recruiter, or supervisor who uses a resume for anything more than a pre-screener should have his or her credentials questioned as well, for doing so increases the chance that the wrong applicant will be hired and opens the organization up to lawsuits.

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