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Social Media in the Classroom

Christopher Sessums breaks down an article on businesses’ use of social media and wonders whether the same questions asked of those engaged in business media should be asked of educators wishing to use social media in the classroom.

Sessums states:

What I like most about Chandler’s metrics is their candor. For example, a question like “How does this application further our goal?” begs the question: “What is our goal?” — a great place to start! 

Questions such as “How do we measure the results?” and “Do our customers [nee users] want to communicate this way?”

The questions I’m asking are “How would I use social media in the classroom?” and “How would I measure the results?” Certainly there are a number of ways to write in social media, but the fact is that the most writing people do is to update their status. I would be interested in investigating applications for the classroom. I enthusiastically use social media in my personal and professional life, but I’m straining to see how my enjoyment could extend to my students in a concrete and productive way. I would love some comments and ideas.


March 23, 2009 - Posted by | social media, technology

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